The whole question of genuine goodness

By Dave Henning / June 1, 2017

“Jesus is moving the whole question of genuine goodness from the external to the internal.  He is taking us back to motive.”- John Eldredge

John Eldredge concludes the Winter section of Walking with God as he returns to something very basic to our pursuit of God and the transformation He desires in our lives.  We have a reason, or motive, for everything we do.

Of course, our behavior matters.  However, holiness, Jesus states, is a matter of the heart.  Yet, we consider our approach to life as perfectly justified.  But, John asks, are you willing to take a look at your motives?

Furthermore, God’s known your motives for years.  Still, He remains right there with you!  He’s gracious and patient.  Thus, this honest look at your motives provides you the opportunity for really genuine transformation.  John summarizes:

“Our motives are an essential category to consider when we are learning to walk with God.  As I’m listening for His voice, I’m also watching my own motives. . . . Am I willing to hear anything (emphasis John’s) God wants to say?  As I yield and repent and give over even my personality to God, the lines of communication are opened up.  We grow closer.  Or better, I draw nearer.”

Also, this applies to our past as well.  John states that we might describe inner healing as sanctifying the past.  In the process, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we invite Jesus back into those distant events and relationships as we walk with Him there.  The past shaped much of our hearts and formed most of our deep convictions.

In conclusion, during His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught that, rather than external behavior, a higher righteousness comes from the heart.  In other words, Jesus defines true holiness as a condition of your heart.

Today’s question: How does the Holy Spirit inspire your heart toward genuine goodness?  Please share.

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