That place where joy and faith collide

By Dave Henning / July 22, 2017

“The place of power, the sweet spot in our faith walk, is that place where joy and faith collide.”- Susie Larson

Susie Larson concludes her Introduction to Your Powerful Prayers as she reminds us that our lifelines consist of the Word of God and our prayer life.  Thus, praying without reading the Word compares to a ship without a sail.  In that case, the winds determine your path.  And if you read the Word without engaging in prayer,  that’s comparable to a sail without a ship.  Although the wind fills your sails, it’s impossible to get anywhere.

And though Jesus answers our prayers and grants some of our heart’s deepest desires, He remains our greatest treasure.  In Believing Prayer (1980, 2004), Andrew Murray wrote:

“When the name of Jesus has become the power that rules my life, power in prayer with God will be evident as well.  Everything depends on the name; the power it has on my life is the power it will have in my prayers (emphasis Ms. Larson’s).”

Furthermore, Susie stresses, prayer:

  • links us in fellowship with the star-breathing God
  • strengthens our faith
  • encourages our hearts
  • changes our circumstances and/or perspective
  • impacts our story as we dialogue with God about what we see in the world

In conclusion, Susie explains the intersection of hilarious joy and tenacious faith.  Joy, the author explains, must be viewed as a discipline and a fruit.  This happens when we choose joy even though God’s not giving us what we want at the moment.  On the other hand, Ms. Larson describes tenacious faith as “our substance, our spiritual traction . . . evidence of our trust in a faithful God.”

Therefore, consistently juxtaposing hilarious joy and fierce faith in your life:

  1. cultivates a perpetual heart of gratitude and thanksgiving
  2. strengthens your prayer life and firms you grip on God’s promises

Today’s question: Where do joy and faith collide in your life?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “God is still pursuing you – to love you”

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