God is still pursuing you – to love you

By Dave Henning / July 23, 2017

“God is still pursuing you after you’ve placed your faith in Him — not to burden you with more tasks on the to-do list or to whip you into shape, but to love you.  He pursues you with an intensity that can breathe life into you.”- Jud Wilhite

In Chapter 1 (“Dare to Pray Like You’re Loved”) of Your Powerful Prayers, Susie Larson states that, through the gift of prayer, God invites you into a two-way conversation.  Furthermore, it’s unutterably sweet to know that our Heavenly Father knows us completely.

Writing in The Knowledge of the Holy (1961), A. W. Tozer explains that our Heavenly Father:

” . . . knew us utterly before we knew Him and called us to Himself in the full knowledge of everything that was against us. . . . His only-begotten Son, when He walked among us, felt our pains in their naked intensity of anguish.  His knowledge of our afflictions and adversities is more than theoretic; it’s personal, warm, and compassionate.  Whatever my befall us, God knows and cares as no one else can.”

As a result, understanding God wired us to partner with Him in a way that fits our unique style mobilizes us.  And so we pray.  Specifically, Ms. Larson exhorts us to pray like there’s a God in heaven who hears our prayers and answers when we call.  Because our God truly does all those things!

In conclusion, Susie reminds us, prayer functions as much more than just a vehicle to get what we want from God.  Prayer:

  • (first and foremost) connects us to the One who loves our soul
  • links us in fellowship with the Most High God
  • fosters intimacy with His purposes here on earth

Today’s question: How is God still pursuing you?  Please share.

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