Put on the shelf for a season

By Dave Henning / September 2, 2017

“The desert may mean being put on the shelf for a season, but from your perch you will experience the reality of a living God like never before.”- Os Hillman

“He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.”- Daniel 2:22

Os Hillman continues Chapter 10 of The Joseph Calling as he reminds us silence from God denotes a time of discipline.  In contrast, God’s silence doesn’t signal a period of His displeasure.  Thus, times of darkness destroy all self-sufficiency.  In addition, we move away from depending on our own common sense.  Mr. Hillman summarizes:

“During these times, we need to ask ourselves if we trust God or the flesh.  God allows times like these so that we will know God is real.  As soon as he becomes real to us, people and other sources of trust fade away.  Nothing that others do or say can ever take us off the path God has for us.”

Therefore, Os sees three potential benefits that arise from the cave of isolation:

  1. Isolation from life’s distractions are productive time to hear God’s voice.  The author stresses it’s up to us to initiate these times.  Os suggests meeting with God in the early morning.
  2. God initiates times of isolation to focus our undivided attention on the work He’s preparing us to do.  Thus, we may experience an unpleasant circumstance, like a job loss or marriage separation.
  3. The cave provides a place to process our pain.  Through this process, we receive a message from God for our own lives.  Furthermore, this message also benefits others.

Today’s question: Since God’s put you on the shelf for a season, how have you experienced the living God from your perch?  Please share.

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