Gently calling us toward the unseen

By Dave Henning / October 21, 2017

“We live for what is right in front of us, while God is ever so gently calling us toward the unseen.”- Sara Hagerty

As Sara Hagerty continues Chapter 1 of Unseen, she notes that often most of our attention focuses on obvious accomplishments.  Yet, in her quiet time of beautiful waste, Sara realized she must care for her root system.  She needed to grow tall in God.  For it’s the faith buried beneath the surface, in the heart and soul, the gives life to our witness in the world.

Thus, Sara states, God invited her to “hide in Him rather than perform for Him, to shift my attention . . . from my visible work for God to my unseen life in God (emphasis author’s).”  When active in teen ministry, Sara failed to address her need to pour out her life at Jesus’ feet.  She needed to focus solely on what Jesus thought of her.  A beautiful waste.

Consequently, Ms. Hagerty talks about squandering time with God in the hidden place.  It lit a fire in her to bring Him glory on earth.  Furthermore, those hidden exchanges with God fuel our interactions  with the world around us.  Sara writes:

“What I forged with God in secret led to a sweet partnership with Him, the kind of partnership that leads any of us into great impact in this world — not because of the magnitude of what we do or how we feel when we’re doing it, but because of who He is to us.”

Although there’s a universal craving for others to see us, only Jesus truly know us.  For He created us to live with moments and hours no one else possibly understands.  As a result, Sara explains in the next blog, that’s where the mysterious beauty of hiddenness comes in.

Today’s question: How’s God gently calling you toward the unseen?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The mysterious beauty of hiddenness”

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