The Bible – a spiritual sonogram

By Dave Henning / February 11, 2018

“Although we may never get to the bottom of the Bible, the Bible does get to the bottom of us.  It penetrates the soul and spirit; it divides joints and marrow.  And like a spiritual sonogram, it reveals the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”- Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson concludes Chapter 5 of Whisper as he comments on the questions we ask God.  Pastor Batterson believes we often ask the wrong questions because we base them on the wrong frame of reference.  As a result, we fail to ask the right questions because we think in finite categories.

Therefore, we must actively engage God’s Word – get into the Bible.  Mark explains:

“I’m afraid that for some the Bible is like a painting that hangs on the wall.  We occasionally give it a glance, but it’s nothing more than a pretty picture to look at.  It’s as static as the status quo.  Why?  Because all we do is read it.  We don’t do it.  The Bible comes alive only when we actively obey it (emphasis author’s).”

Thus, getting in God’s presence through doing His Word changes how we think, feel, live, and love.  And when God’s Word truly abides in you, you’ll find all you want contained within the boundaries of God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will.

In conclusion, Pastor Batterson presents the ancient Benedictine practice of lecto divina.  A contemplative way to discern God, it consists of four steps and has been likened to a meal:

  1. Reading – taking the first bite.  Unfortunately, Mark states, most people stop here.
  2. Meditation – chewing on the words and phrases.  Rather than dissecting the Word, we let the Word dissect us.
  3. Prayer – savoring the Word.  When prayer turns discipline to desire, you no longer “have to” read the Bible.  You “get to.”
  4. Contemplation – digesting the Word, absorbing its nutrients.  In the process, the Word travels from our head to our heart.

However, until you obey God’s Word, Mark stresses, “you’ve simply been educated beyond the level of your obedience.”

Today’s question: What does you Biblical spiritual sonogram reveal?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Less like the person God designed you to be”

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