Overcoming self-defeating dimensions of personality

By Dave Henning / February 27, 2018

“The only way to overcome these self-defeating dimensions of our personalities is ruthless self-discovery.  And it’s so much more than self-help.”- Mark Batterson

“Without knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God.”- John Calvin

As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 9 of Whisper, he discusses the third quadrant of the Johari window.

3.  The blind spot quadrant.  Pastor Batterson stresses that this quadrant consists of those things you don’t know about you but others know about you (emphasis author’s).  As Mark quips: “This is getting ready to go on stage with your barn door open.  You need someone in your life who loves you enough to say what needs to be said: ‘Zip it up!’ ”

Therefore, we need spiritual fathers and mothers who’ve been there and done that.  In addition, we need friends to speak the truth in love.  And we need accountability partners to call us on the carpet as well as remind us we were born for so much more.

In fact, Pastor Batterson states, all of us possess a literal blind spot.  It occurs at the place where the optic nerve passes through the optic disk.  However, we rarely notice our blind spots.  Because, based on visual clues, our brains adeptly fill in the blanks.  But it’s also the place we’re most susceptible to errors in judgment, information, and understanding.

Furthermore, it’s why the fifth language – people – is so critical.  We develop blind spots if we don’t receive wise counsel from others.  And these blind spots = spiritual weak spots.  When wise friends speak the truth to us in love, the right word at the right time contains the power to open our eyes.

In conclusion, Mark underscores, there’s often a fine line between healthy and holy manifestations of our personalities and unhealthy, unholy ones.  As a result, we need people full of grace and truth to help us navigate that line.  And to hold us accountable when we cross it.

Today’s question: What Bible verses help you overcome self-defeating dimensions of your personality?  Please share.

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