Life still gives lemons to all people

By Dave Henning / April 7, 2018

“Life still gives lemons.  Life gives lemons to good people, bad people, old people, all people. . . .  But we don’t have to suck on them.”- Max Lucado

As Max Lucado concludes Chapter 11 of Anxious for Nothing, he discusses the letters L and M of the acronym C. A. L. M.

3.  Leave your concerns with God.  Here, Pastor Lucado urges you to let God take charge – something He’s so willing to do.  Just like you don’t stay and offer to help a repairman fix your appliance or hover around asking key questions, leave your problem with God to fix.  Max explains:

“God does not need our help, counsel, or assistance. (Please repeat this phrase: I hereby resign as a ruler of the universe.)  When he is ready for us to reengage, he will let us know.  Until then, replace anxious thoughts with grateful ones.  God takes thanksgiving seriously.  Here’s why: gratitude keeps us focused on the present.”

In fact, Pastor Lucado notes, the Bible’s most common word for worry is the Greek term merimate.  It’s root word, merimnao, consists of a compound of a verb (divide) and a noun (mind).  Thus, anxiety divides the mind, chops up our attention.  Furthermore, anxiety diverts our attention from the present.

4.  Meditate on good things.  As the author reminds us, refuse to allow anxious, negative thoughts to usurp control of your mind.  While you can’t control your circumstances, you always can control what you think of them.  As Max quips, “Life comes with lemons.  But you don’t have to suck on them.”

In conclusion, Pastor Lucado encourages, a new day and new season await you.  Even if you can’t imagine a life in which you’re anxious for nothing, God can.  And with God’s help, you’ll experience it.

Today’s question: When life gives you lemons, what’s your default response?  Please share.

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