Leading your soul’s unruly parts with curiosity, compassion

By Dave Henning / August 29, 2018

“The goal is not to eradicate parts of your soul carrying anger, fear, sadness, envy, or shame, but to lead them with curiosity and compassion.”- Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller

Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller conclude Chapter 3 of Boundaries for Your Soul as they stress the powerful faculty of the creative mind.  When the presence of the Holy Spirit sanctifies your creative mind, it’s a powerful asset for helping process your life experiences.  Thus, your baptized imagination leads to deeper experiences of inner healing.  In addition, C. S. Lewis referred to this baptism of his imagination as integral to his spiritual growth.

Yet, all three inner parts (see last post) of your soul clamor for your attention.  And, at any given moment, they can cause trouble.  Hence, Alison and Kim state, you know it’s time for healthier boundaries with a protector when you’re:

  • feeling critical of yourself and others.
  • exhausted from people-pleasing.
  • wanting to escape.
  • finding yourself checking out.

Furthermore, the authors note, you know it’s time for healthier boundaries with exiles when you:

  • ruminate about hurtful memories.
  • isolate and withdraw.
  • feel like a victim of your circumstances.
  • can’t stop feeling lonely, even when you’re surrounded by friends.

Most noteworthy, Alison and Kim caution, it’s best not to ignore your troubling thoughts and feelings.  Rather, be present with them and accompany them – like a parent leading a child.  As a result, your unruly soul parts need the loving presence of the Spirit-led self.  You must help those parts adjust their unhelpful beliefs and strategies.

Finally, the authors note what happens when you try to ignore your anger and fear:

“Ironically, ignoring unruly parts of yourself, such as anger or fear — trying to make these frustrating feelings go away — causes them to skyrocket like kids throwing a tantrum.   On the other hand, if you befriend them and ask them to give you a little space, they’ll relax.”

Today’s question: What Bible passages help you lead your soul’s unruly parts like a parent leading a child? Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Locating your soul’s overworked or suffering parts”

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