Locating your soul’s overworked or suffering parts

By Dave Henning / August 30, 2018

“Locating an overworked or suffering part of your soul also helps you gain perspective.  When you realize it’s just a part — not the sum total of who you are — your Spirit-led self is beginning to take the lead.”- Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller

In Chapter 4 (“Step one: Focus”) of Boundaries for Your Soul, Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller present the first step in taking a You-Turn.  First, when you’re hurting, picture a part of yourself that’s presenting itself for healing.  Then, focus on this part of your soul that’s bothering you.

However, the authors stress, your focus isn’t on getting rid of that part.  Rather, you must focus on the hurting part and get curious about it.  When you do so, it’s possible for you to give that hurting part needed care.

Next, Alison and Kim, using anger as an example, present four key focus questions:

  1. Where do you experience anger physically?  When you feel a strong emotion, the authors suggest you pause for a moment.  Sense where you feel it in your body.  As a result, that exercise physically grounds you.  Easing the tension creates more space for your Spirit-led self.
  2. Is there an image that comes to mind when you focus on it?  Often, Alison and Kim note, once you locate your tense spot and begin to relax, you’re able to notice it as an image.  Visualizing the part of you needing your attention engages your right brain’s creativity.  Thus, you gain added insight to your left brain analysis.
  3. Is there a thought or belief that comes to mind when you focus on your feeling?  Whether or not you notice an image or thought, your main goal involves a focus using nonjudgmental curiosity. This helps you better understand your feeling.
  4. How long has this part of you been angry?  What are some of its early memories?  Your implicit memory stores your responses to past events.  Sharing past hurts helps you gain insight into how to process your pain.

Today’s question: How might you apply these questions to your soul’s overworked or suffering parts?  Please share.

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