It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way

It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way (Thomas Nelson, 2018)

Lysa TerKeurst, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, recently penned It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way: Finding Unexpected Strength When Disappointments Leave You Shattered.  As Ms. TerKeurst begins, she calcualtes the formula for what we see as a normal life: hard time + healing time + staying faithful to God = the exact outcome we count on.  But we all ride the struggle bus, unable to grab the wheel and drive back to Normal.  There’s hope, though!  Because of Jesus’ victory, we know with certainty that w’ere better than okay, better than normal.  Yet, our victory only revolves in part around how things turn out.  The biggest part of victory, Lysa stresses, centers on how we live this hour, this minute.

To do so, we must anchor our hope to the very heart of God rather than some specific outcome.  However, to get your life back, you may need to face the death of what you thought life would look like.  This resulting disappointment, though, holds potential for much good – when you trust the heart of the Giver.  In addition, you must process your disappointments.  Or you face the temptation to allow Satan to rewrite God’s love story as a negative narrative.  As a result, all of us must l;earn to wrestle well.  We acknowledge our feelings, yet move forward with faith leading the way.  For when we open the gift of disappointment, that releases the atmosphere of hope contained within.

But what happens when things shatter beyond repair – shattered to the point of dust?  Just like forming clay for new pottery, dust often must be present for the new to begin, for strength to develop.  And God loves to use this crucial ingredient.  In other words, dust doesn’t signal the end.  Thus, as we embrace the process of healing, se need to take the painful walk through our circumstances.  Pain slows us down enough to truly address what’s going on in our souls.  Furthermore, it’s necessary to drown out all outside noise so God becomes the loudest voice in your life.  Park your mind and heart upon God’s Word.  Also, Lysa exhorts, face the future in teaspoons of time – and mark moments of trust.

Finally, Ms. TerKeurst encourages, understand that God’s not picking on you.  Instead, He’s picking you to personally live out His promises.  Consequently, make the choice to see God.  Rightly attribute to Him the good that exists.  Choose renewal in your heart, not remaining stuck in your pain.  And instead of saying God won’t give you more than you can handle, Ms. TerKeurst notes, perhaps say that God has a hand on all you’re facing.  When it’s not supposed to be this way afflicts you, realize that God’s making you more effective.  So, view others not with epic disappointment, but see in them a need for compassion.  As you connect with them, bring them light and life.

Most noteworthy, the comfort we desire in I-don’t-know-times isn’t a solution to seek.  Rather, it’s a by-product we reap as we stay close to the Lord.  Challenges and changes keep us from growing increasingly distant from God, resistant to His ways.  So let your tears establish the truest connection you have with others.  Liquid magnets drawing others in to the hope you anchor in the very heart of God.

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