Learning to be where you are

By Dave Henning / July 3, 2019

“Staying in today is an important practice . . . but there is another related practice that is equally important, and that is learning to be where you are.  While staying in today keeps us from rushing into the future, being where we are allows us to admit what’s really going on in the present.”- Emily P. Freeman

“God meets us where we are, not where we pretend to be.”- Dr.  Larry Crabb, Real Church

In Chapter 12 (“Be Where You Are”) of The Next Right Thing, Emily P. Freeman asserts that at times our minds simply need time to process our realities.  And that holds true even when everyone else clearly sees our reality.  As a result, until we’re ready to see our reality for ourselves, no amount of lecturing or explaining will convince us.

Furthermore, as long as you remain unaware of precisely where you are, it’s impossible for you to make informed decisions about where you want to go.  Thus, you’re unable to discern your next right thing.

Consequently, to help you in learning to be where you are and name what is true, Emily suggests that you find fifteen minutes to take a walk alone.  While no rules exist for this, the author presents three ideas as you practice moving at a walking pace.

1.  Walk without an agenda.  Don’t expect to return from your walk with a new perspective, magic peace, answers, or a plan.

2.  Leave your earbuds behind.  Instead, listen to the world around you as you walk slowly.  Listen to a singing bird or an airplane overhead.  Therefore, Emily encourages,” Give yourself the gift of being with what is all the sounds of this, your ordinary space.”

3.  Notice what you see and hear within you are you pay attention to your surroundings.  

Today’s question: What Bible verses or Christian hymns/ songs help you practice learning to be where you are?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “God’s ideas – not always obvious”


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