Best way to bring healing to the soul

By Dave Henning / October 5, 2019

“The best way to bring healing to the soul is to let the Spirit of God work in our mental symbols, memories, and imagination. . . .  Our imagination gives us access to our most painful, anxious experiences and feelings in a way that allows objectivity in the healing process.”- Dr. Rick Richardson, Experiencing Healing Prayer: How God Turns Our Hearts into Wholeness

As Aubrey Sampson continues Chapter 9 of The Louder Song, she talks about one practice that allows her to bring Jesus’ power into her everyday life.  The author refers to this practice as the 5R’s – reading, reacting, rehearsing, receiving, and responding to God’s Word.  In addition, these 5R’s involve a ‘slow-down’ method of Bible study.  Also, they provide a simple way to interact with God’s Word.

First, though, thank the Holy Spirit for being with you and guiding your time.  Also, ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern His voice and assist you in tuning your awareness to God’s presence.

 1.  Read the Scripture.  Use any of the lament verses Aubrey provides throughout The Louder Song.

2.  React.  Next, note your initial thoughts about the passage.  Above all, don’t judge yourself.  Simply notice and jot things down that cross your mind.

3.  Rehearse.  Then, reread you chosen Scripture.  But this time , do so out loud.  Pay attention to any repeating words or phrases.  And, observe what else happens in the surrounding verses.

 4.  Receive.  Ask God what He desires that you hear.  Consequently, remain quiet and attentive.  Also, listen for God’s still, small voice.  Furthermore, wait in patience.  It’s okay if you don’t hear anything.  Just tell God that and keep going.

5.  Respond.  Write, draw, or create a prayer of lament based on your chosen passage.

In conclusion, Aubrey adds:

“When we’re in the thick of something painful, we often need some guidance, someone to take our hand and show us where to go when we’re too overwhelmed with grief to figure it out ourselves.  The point of the 5R’s is to help us slow down, marinate in God’s presence, and listen for his still, small voice.”

Today’s question: What do you find as the best way to bring healing to your soul?  Please share.

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