Charismatic, friendly, altruistic – betrayers??

By Dave Henning / June 13, 2020

“Betrayers are charismatic, friendly, and can appear altruistic, generous, and loving.  They play the part of being a good, moral person who is above reproach so that nothing interferes with their secret life.”- Phil Waldrep

“As soon as Judas the bread, Satan entered into him.  So Jesus told him, ‘What you are about to do, do quickly.’ “- John 13:17 (NIV)

Phil Waldrep concludes Chapter 3 of Beyond Betrayal as he notes that John gave only one explanation for what happened to Judas.  That Satan entered into him.  And, in fact, this is exactly what happens to a betrayer.  As Phil observes, evil gains a stronger and stronger hold until it rules the human heart.

Yet, it’s only after the fact that you really notice all the little signs of betrayal.  However, the betrayed always assume they should have figured things out much earlier.  The truth? – they didn’t figure things out because they didn’t see them.  Therefore, someone else needs to point out such acts.

One small justification at a time, betrayers work their way into making the choice to pursue a selfish desire.  Certainly, this doesn’t condone their actions in any way.  But, Phil stresses, it leaves the door open to compassion and restoration.  But only if the betrayer truly repents.

Above all, the author counsels, it’s one thing to forgive – and quite another to put ourselves in position for our betrayer to hurt us so deeply again.  You can grant forgiveness freely.  However, trust must be earned.

The first priority, though, involves dealing with the initial shock. And the deep pain from the hurt of betrayal.  In conclusion, Phil offers this truth to remember:

“Betrayers don’t just betray you — they betray themselves.  Their priorities are out of whack- and they make selfish decisions as a result.  You’re not alone in your betrayal.  Even Jesus experienced it and was able to forgive.”

Today’s question: Do you know betrayers who seem charismatic and friendly?  Please share.

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