Redefining the definition of blue flame

By Dave Henning / July 6, 2020

“After years of redefining the definition (of blue flame) on the basis of my onw experience as well as a lot of conversations with friends and clergy and expert guests on my radio show, here is how I’ve come to define a blue flame: It is something you do, and were destined to do, that fills you with energy and adds love to the world.”- Jennifer Fulwiler (emphasis author’s)

In Chapter 2 (“You Can Find Your Blue Flame”) of Your Blue Flame, Jennifer Fulwiler observes what happens when you ask people how their lives are going.  usually, people look weary – and sigh.  Furthermore, people mention differences they’d like to see in their circumstances.  But, in the end, they shrug and change the subject.

Two decades ago, Jennifer met motivational speaker and bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi.  When Keith talked about his life, he glowed.  And his secret? – he found his blue flame.  Next, Keith explained that he conceived of a blue flame as your unique way to give back to others.  In addition, a blue flame represents a passion instilled in you that makes the world a better place when you use it.

Consequently, Jennifer unpacks the four components of her definition of blue flame.  In today’s blog, the author covers the first point.

1.  Your blue flame is something you do.  This component involves the work you do, although Jennifer uses the term loosely.  Thus, your blue flame consists of more than your paid work.  Above all, Jennifer uses the word work to distinguish your blue flame from your role in relationships.  Because your blue flame = a specific creation you’re meant to add to the world.

In conclusion, the author explains:

“I would suggest that the role of mother or father or any other intimate relationship is too sacred to conflate (merge or combine) with the work that comes with it. . . .  Very often, when [my friends] dig a little deeper, they find that there is also some kind of work they do as part of their parenting that they deeply enjoy — and that is their blue flame.”

Today’s question: How does Jennifer’s distinction between work and role help in redefining your definition of blue flame?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “After my conversion = prayed for direction”

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