Taking your cues from Christ

By Dave Henning / April 3, 2021

“Following Jesus is less about minding your p’s and q’s than it is about taking your cues from Christ.  What did Jesus say?  ‘With God all things are possible.’  When you give complete editorial control to Him, possible becomes the plotline.”- Mark Batterson

As Mark Batterson moves on in Chapter 1 of Win the Day, he observes that everything in your past prepares you for something in your future.  Because God never wastes days.  Especially bad days.  In addition, we may find our defining moments as subtle as the subconscious.  Above all, identifying these subplots provides one key to flipping the script.

Next, Mark shares one of his hypotheses that also doubles a his dream.  Pastor Batterson posits: almost anybody can accomplish almost anything if they work at it long enough, hard enough, and smart enough.  For, the author asserts, you possess more capability than you imagine.  Your brain has no idea what your body’s capable of – and vice versa.  So, once you connect the dots, Mark exhorts, all bets are off!

Furthermore, the author relates that he’s learned to leverage his weaknesses through signature stories.  Mark explains:

“If success is the by-product of well-managed failure — and I think it is — then strength is the result of well-managed weakness.  Our subplots reveal both strengths and weaknesses.  Signature stories, on the other hand, are almost always born out of weakness. . . .  It’s the adversities we overcome that make us who we are. . . .  A signature story usually centers on a day that begins like any other day; then that day rewrites the rest of your life.”

In conclusion, Pastor Batterson declares his passion to pursue dreams destined to fail without divine intervention.  As a result, he ends up accomplishing things he can’t take credit for.  And the harder the dream, the better.  Because that way God gets more glory!  You need some giants in your life.  for you don’t discover David without Goliath.

Today’s question: What Bible verses point you toward taking your cues from Christ?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Goalsetting is story telling – last chapter first”

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