Confessions of sin, professions of faith

By Dave Henning / April 12, 2021

“Our confessions of sin need to be as well-defined as our professions of faith.  If faith is being sure of what we hope for, then repentance is being sure of what we’re sorry for. . . .  Whatever you don’t confess, you repress.  And whatever you repress eventually resurfaces in ways that are unhealthy and unholy, often at inopportune times!”- Mark Batterson

As Mark Batterson moves on in Chapter 4 of Win the Day, he relates that Martin Luther spent up to six hours at a time in confession.  Hence, Pastor Batterson posits, perhaps Luther knew something about confessions that eludes most of us.

Most significantly, Mark stresses, the more we confess, the more forgiven we feel.  In addition, confession provides elbow room for the Holy Spirit to work in the deep places of your soul.

Furthermore, through postimagining we reimagine the past after it happens.  Certainly, it’s at this point where many of us excuse our actions or supply alibis for the hand that got caught in the cookie job.  However, choose to flip the script instead.  Because this practice also helps us acknowledge the providential hand of God.

Also, perceived disadvantages often prove themselves as well-disguised advantages.  For they force us to develop attitudes and abilities that otherwise remain hidden.  Once again, the obstacle becomes the way.

In conclusion, Mark notes that personality, theology, and even genealogy influence the way we interpret history.  And we either view the past through rose-colored glasses or magnify the hardships we faced.  Thus, our recollections are subjective.  So, we each connect the dots in our own unique way.

Finally, Mark closes with these words of hope:

“Each of us has a unique repertoire of coping mechanisms. . . .  I know the pain is as real as the events that occurred, but you are still response-able.  I hope that empowers you.  With God’s grace, you can kiss the wave.  I ask this question with genuine empathy: How are your coping mechanisms working for you?  If they are causing negative side effects, it’s time to try a different technique.”

Today’s question: How often do you practice confessions of sin?  Please share.

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