Turn the Golden Rule around

By Dave Henning / June 21, 2021

“Sometimes we need to turn the Golden Rule around.  Do unto yourself what you would do unto others.  Christians have no problem admitting that it’s wrong to criticize and put down others, but we so readily curse ourselves.”- Alan Wright

Alan Wright concludes Chapter 9 of The Power to Bless as he explains why we curse ourselves.  The human mind longs for order, to make sense out of the world.  So, in cursing ourselves, we give voice to a logical conclusion.  We conclude that anyone with so many flaws can’t possibly succeed in life.  Above all, when we constantly curse ourselves, we subconsciously try to prove our forecasts true.

In addition, when we tell ourselves that we’ll most likely fail, we usually find a way to prove to ourselves that we’re not liars.  This self-sabotage, in turn, leads to recurring errors.

So, you begin to bless yourself when you contemplate your heavenly Father’s affection.  Thus, those moving toward God’s grace bless and accept themselves.  Pastor Wright explains:

“Self-blessing depends upon accepting oneself, and self-acceptance is born from Another’s acceptance.  We can only accept ourselves when someone greater demonstrates to us that we are acceptable.”

Thus, the prodigal’s return home signaled a move toward blessing.  Through his contrition and repentance, he revealed the beginning steps of self-acceptance.  And he realized that what he truly needed was identification with his father.  He found his worth in his father’s arms.  Because he knew the futility of looking within himself to find an inward holiness to boost his self-esteem.

In conclusion, Pastor Wright exhorts:

“Christ, knowing every defect of yours, came in love to die for you.  Because you’re forever accepted in the Beloved, you can finally, fully accept rather than reject yourself.  When you most feel like cursing yourself is when you most need to agree with God’s assessment rather than your own feelings.”

Today’s question: What most helps you turn the Golden Rule around in order to bless rather than curse yourself?  Please share.

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