The law of measures makes or breaks you

By Dave Henning / February 15, 2022

“For better or for worse, our lives are the sum of our physical, mental, and spiritual habits.  Bad habits always come back to bite us.  Good habits always come back to bless us.  Either way, you cannot break the law of measures.  The law of measures will make or break you.”- Mark Batterson

“For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”- Matthew 7:2 (NIV)

In his Introduction (“Domino Habits”) to Do It for a Day: How to Make or Break Any Habit in 30 Days, Mark Batterson asserts that no shortcuts, loopholes, or cheat codes affect the law of measures.  Therefore, you’ll get out of everything what you put into it.  Hence, destiny is not a mystery.  Rather, destiny = daily habits.

Therefore, Pastor Batterson observes, the goal centers on tapping your full potential.  Because potential is God’s gift to you.  And what you choose to do with it represents your gift back to God.  Above all, you accomplish this as you make or break the habits that make or break you.

However, Mark stresses, there’s nothing simple about habit formation.  For it takes longer than you like.  And it’s harder than you hope.  Think of it as going back to kindergarten.  You must be willing to fail, fall, and act foolishly.

Most significantly, Mark underscores the need for pacing.  That’s why he divides the book into days.  Instead of chapters.  Trying to do too much too fast creates a recipe for failure.  Hence, to make or break a habit, practice doing it for a day.

Finally, slow the pace as you take time to reflect on the following question.  That question –

Consequently, Mark counsels, you’ll get out of this book precisely what you opt to put into it.

Today’s question: How does the law of measures make or break you?  Please share.

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