Holding On When You Want to Let Go

Holding On When You Want to Let Go (BakerBooks, 2021)

Bible teacher Sheila Walsh titles her most recent book Holding On When You Want to Let Go: Clinging to Hope When Life is Falling Apart.  In addition, Sheila serves as cohost of LIFE Today with James and Betty Robison.  First, the author observes, the missing pieces of our lives appear at unexpected moments.  Yet, the picture becomes so much clearer when the puzzle pieces get put back in place.  Even though the process hurts.  Most significantly, God’s still writing your story.  And He tenderly holds you and your missing pieces.  Certainly, life doesn’t give us a quick fix, but God’s always moving and working on our behalf.  On your part, though, through the power of the Holy Spirit, you need to forge a faith that refuses to let go when the battle rages on and on.

However, when we struggle and feel overwhelmed, we tend to retreat into ourselves.  Therefore, when your heart breaks, you need to say it out loud.  But, no matter how you feel, your life may be out of comfort – not out of control.  In times of self-doubt, foster holding on as you anchor yourself to the Word of God.  Because God, our Abba, created a plan for your life, you’re never, ever, alone.  Thus, we always wait in the presence of God.  And in that waiting, God’s working.  So, in times of suffering and pain when God seems absent, we need His presence and peace.  For no answers are big enough to help.  Furthermore, this glorious truth is greater than our pain.  That, even in the silence, God holds you.

Above all, read the truth of God’s Word over yourself every day.  Aloud, if possible.  and do it as often as necessary to silence the lies.  Hence, never allow the thought that God’s promises don’t make sense to you on your timeline to make you doubt that you can trust those promises.  Therefore, Sheila exhorts, choose to live by God’s promises and not by explanations.  As you get closer to Jesus, the bigger He gets in your life.  God is committed to your rescue.  Consequently, it’s not the experience of suffering that changes you.  Rather, the presence of Christ in your suffering becomes your rescue.

In conclusion, the author encourages, keep holding on to the miracle worker.  Instead of the miracle.  While a miracle may change your circumstances, worshiping from a place of broken dreams changes your heart.  God sees your brokenness and will never let you go.  The One who changed everything holds you.  Sometimes holding and letting go work as silent partners.  You let go of what you cannot keep to hold on to the Father.  He’ll catch you and hold you.  Finally, Sheila implores:

“Will you lay down all the broken pieces before Him and let Him do what only He can do?  He will put some of them back in place and some . . . you won’t need anymore.”

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