Uniforms that reveal identity – habits

By Dave Henning / July 8, 2022

“More than something we do, habits make us who we are.   Habits are uniforms that reveal identity; change your habits and you change who you are.  All pilgrims wear their habits, every WayFarer wears a way of life, and by our habits, we wear our hearts on our sleeves.  Habits are the way we dress our deepest desires, and our daily rhythms reveal our truest romances.”- Ann Voskamp

In Chapter 9 (“Pilgrimage”) of WayMaker, Ann Voskamp underscores that our loves turn into our liturgies.  Furthermore, James K. A. Smith suggests that if your view love-shaping practices as ‘liturgies,’ it’s possible to worship other gods without even knowing it.  Therefore, Ann adds, our daily life consists of the way we put on Christ – or not.

Thus, to find yourself you must take time to find your soul.  So, as you still yourself before God, you need to keep on letting go of where you are.  As a pilgrimaging WayFarer on the way, the only way through involves letting go of the way you’ve come.  Surrender.

However, Ann observes, sometimes we live into a tender surrender.  But at other times we live into terrified surrender.  And sometimes you feel both types simultaneously.  Yet, God’s hesed-lovingkindness allows you to surrender that part of you that sees fear, drama, or stress as helpful.

Above all, Ann states, you gain nothing from stress and anxiety.  And stress stalks you if you permit it.  Rather, find something for which you can give thanks.  Choose to be filled with joy.  One way of another, today is going to happen.  And if you desire shalom the most, you’ll lack for nothing.

In conclusion, Ann exhorts, employ cruciform prayer to relentlessly talk back to every worry.  Live with your arms stretched wide open, forming your life into the shape of a cross.  Let go of all forms of control as you reach out to God and to people.  As Eugene Peterson wrote in The Jesus Way:

” The Way that is Jesus cannot be reduced to information or instruction.  The Way is a person whom we believe and follow as God-with-us.”

Today’s question: What personal habits function as uniforms that reveal identity?  Please share.

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