The discipline of waiting well

By Dave Henning / November 6, 2022

“Perhaps no discipline in the kingdom hero’s toolbox of faith is greater than the discipline of waiting well.  Far too many people forfeit their destiny simply because they bail out during the waiting.  They make it to the vicinity of their victory but give up before they grasp it. . . .  Close doesn’t count when it comes to living out your purpose.”- Dr. Tony Evans

As Dr. Tony Evans moves on in Chapter 5 of Kingdom Heroes, he covers the second important thing about Abraham’s walk of faith: living.

2.  How we live.  When Abraham left what he knew, he opted to live as a stranger in a foreign land.  As a result, he didn’t march directly into his destiny.  Rather, he wandered into a type of holding pattern.  He made it to the area promised to him, but God delayed giving Abraham possession.

Most significantly, Dr. Evans notes, this often makes the waiting harder.  He writes:

“Sometimes it can feel harder to wait for something when you’re close to it.  If it seems far off in the distance, you can set your thoughts aside and keep your emotions calm.  But when it’s close — when you can almost reach out and touch it — the desire increases all the more.”

So, when you find yourself in a holding pattern for His promise, God desires to accomplish two things.  Hence, He’s:

  1. preparing the promise for you
  2. preparing you for the promise

Thus, God needs to get you ready before you walk into His promise.  Also, He needs to get you ready to handle the promise wisely once you get it.

In conclusion, Dr. Evans counsels, a holding pattern means that God’s waiting for you to mature.  To mature to the point where you’ll maintain your grip on that promise.  Therefore, choose to wait well.  Cooperate with learning the lessons and the spiritual growth God intends for you.  God’s waiting for you to change.  Instead of you waiting on God to change things.

Today’s question: What Scriptures teach you the discipline of waiting well?  Please share.

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