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By Dave Henning / November 11, 2022

“Most Christians are part-time saints.  They’ll do a little something for God here or there when it’s convenient, but few are willing to truly sacrifice their own wants, desires, comfort, and needs to advance His kingdom and promote His glory.  The problems arise when part-time saints look to God for full-time blessing.”- Dr. Tony Evans

“Stay here with the donkey; I and the boy will go over there and worship and come again to you.”- Genesis 22:5 n(ESV)

Dr. Tony Evans concludes Chapter 7 of Kingdom Heroes with the fifth contradiction of Abraham’s test.  This helps us better identify times when God asks us to step out in faith despite what makes sense.

5.  The Spiritual Contradiction.  Through sacrificing his beloved son Isaac, God asked Abraham to worship Him.  This during Abraham’s most difficult moment in time.  But, in spite of all the contradictions, Abraham obeyed God.  Even though God didn’t supply the details as to how things would work out.  However, many people choose to speak words that confirm a negative reality.  Instead of speaking truth in the midst of contradictions.

Consequently, Dr. Evans observes, one reason God chooses not to supply more details up front is because He’s asking us to move without them.  As the author stresses, our feet – not our feelings – determine our faith.

In conclusion, Abraham experienced God’s provision only after he displayed actions reflecting a heart filled with faith.  Thus, once Abraham completed his act of obedience, God’s prevision became provision for him.

Hence, as Hebrews 12:22 reminds us, what we choose to focus on matters- that we fix our eyes on Jesus.  Therefore, Dr. Evans exhorts:

‘While you journey, look to Jesus. . . .  While you face life’s tests, look to the face of the One who knows just how this thing will end.  Keep your eyes on Jesus.  He will sustain your faith until you reach the final question on your exam.”

Today’s question: When do you feel like doing just a little something for Jesus?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Dropped the baton?”

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