A violation of faith – speculation

By Dave Henning / January 21, 2023

“I think most of us look at speculation as a personal weakness, like biting our fingernails or compulsively glancing at our phones.  But I bet you haven’t seen it as a violation of faith, hope, and love.  It is.  You can start building mental resilience right here, by roping in speculation.”- John Eldredge

John Eldredge continues Chapter 9 of Resilient with the second concept of his two-part prescription.

Part Two: Embracing Resilience.  We need to rearrange our lives mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to develop resilience.  The first, mental resilience, begins when you decide to take hold of your thought life.

So, start with speculation, something we all indulge in.  Thus, John compares speculation to a wild horse running wherever it wants.  No bridle, halter, or any sort of restraint.  And we do that in our personal lives.  Above all, speculation drains us.

Therefore, the author exhorts, turn your thoughts immediately to God.  Because when you put a bridle on speculation, you build mental resilience.  In addition, you build this resilience as you intentionally, consciously, say positive things.  For the believer that’s found in all the beautiful truths of the Bible.

Hence, mental resilience helps build emotional resilience.  Certainly, don’t allow your emotions to drive the bus.  Or treat your emotions as some sort of right, the truest part of your existence.  Rather than coddle your feelings, John counsels, bring them — and your thought life — under the rule of Christ.

However, John explains:

“We honor our emotions by acknowledging them.  We bridle our emotions by keeping them subject to truth.  Let me remind you here of the importance of our attachment to God.  emotional fortitude is not based in severity but in security. . . .

Remember, when Jesus tells us ‘don’t be alarmed,’ ‘don’t let your heart be troubled,’. . he is loving us and treating us like grown-ups, assuming we can control our emotions.”

Today’s question: Do you see speculation as a violation of faith, hope, and love?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The epicenter of your life – God”

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