Move beyond your plow?

By Dave Henning / December 31, 2023

“Every person on the planet today is on a spiritual journey.  Each one of us is either failing or sailing, walking by faith or stuck in place, surviving or thriving.  If you feel unable to move beyond your plow, to accept the mantle of promotion God has for you, then perhaps it is time to reconsider your focus.  Are you looking down when you should be looking up? – Samuel Rodriguez, Pastor – New Season Church

“So Elijah went from there and found Elisha son of Shaphat.  He was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen, and he himself was driving the twelfth pair.  Elijah went up to him and threw his cloak around him.”- 1 Kings 19:19 (NIV)

In Chapter 9 (“God Has Called You: For Such a Time As This”) of Closer Than Your Next Breath, Susie Larson talks about what happens when God moves you on to the next place He has for you.  For a finite period of time, you may feel displaced, out of sorts, and out of shape.

However, Susie encourages, in due time, you again hit your stride.  As a result, you run your race with purpose in every step.  Take courage as you start again.  Feel ill-equipped or out of place?  Not to worry, Susie exhorts.  Because God establishes your steps.  He wants you in the race.

Above all, the author stresses, our choices and our calling matter.  In addition, it matters deeply whether or not we engage with the things of God.  And we serve a good King.  For our King never:

  • forces compliance, but rewards obedience.
  • shames us for our weakness, but shines brightly through the lowly places in our lives.
  • bullies us into surrender, but lovingly dares us to trust Him.

In conclusion, Susie asserts:

“Now is the time to put it all on the table, ask God for direction, and give Him permission to rearrange our lives for our good and His glory.  Anything He awakens within us will change us for the better.  We’re most alive when we’re in the center of His will.”

“Today’s question: When do you feel unable to move beyond your plow?  Please share.

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