Prone to rehearse our missteps

By Dave Henning / January 2, 2024

“We’re prone to rehearse the things God has decidedly forgotten.  And we’re just as apt to forget the things that God has distinctly asked us to remember.”- Susie Larson

“God’s love is surprisingly indiscriminate, his favor roving and resting upon those who seem lease deserving of it.  God’s grace is evidenced in his patient pursuit of the mucking-it-up.”- Jen Pollock Michel

In Chapter 10 (“God Remembers; God Forgets”), the last chapter of Closer Than Your Next Breath, Susie Larson cautions that we disengage our hearts when we go through the motions with our Christian faith.  Above all, we disconnect from our faith when we disconnect from our hearts.

However, Susie encourages, this happens when your heart disconnects from your faith.  Even as you weary in the waiting, God — in His grace — draws near.  And in drawing near, God reminds you of what’s true.

Therefore, Susie exhorts, refuse to let your past speak to you.  Except to instruct you.  Because the Lord calls you to revisit an old habit in order to heal you.  But Satan, the Enemy, bullies you into a past memory to condemn you.

Hence, Susie explains:

“The devil knows that our sins can no longer condemn us, nor do they have the power to impact our eternal destination.  He’s just hoping we’ll forget these powerful truths so he can continue to torment us in the present.  Anything he can do to steal our joy or dim our view of God, he’ll do.  Because the more we awaken to how secure we are in the Father’s love, the more audaciously we’ll dare to trust Him.”

In conclusion, Susie underscores, as you grow to know and love God intimately, you learn to trust Him with the things you cannot control.  And were never meant to control.  For God’s presence serves as your protection and provision.  Remember what Jesus remembers.  Forget what Jesus determines to forget.

Today’s question: When do you find yourself most prone to rehearse your missteps?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: the annotated bibliography of Closer Than Your Next Breath

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