Identify the lies we believe

By Dave Henning / January 5, 2024

“Many of our self-perceptions go much too deep to be wiped away with some corrective self-talk.  But we can identify the lies we believe and renew our minds with God’s truth.  In doing so, we will significantly change the course of our lives.”- Chip Ingram

In Chapter 1 (“The Lie of Rejection”) of Discover Your True Self, Chip Ingram tells the story of an orphan named Billy.  A caring husband and wife adopted Billy sometime after he turned eight.  Past the age of cute – and past the typical age of adoption.  Yet, even after his adoption, Billy continued to feel left out and rejected.  Those feelings remained part of his identity.

Hence, even though Billy had a bedroom, he slept on the floor.  Because he felt unworthy to have a bed.  In addition, Billy hoarded food in his closet.  Food he snuck out of the refrigerator.  Another habit he picked up at the orphanage.

Ultimately, Billy overcame his orphan identity.  Billy grew up to become William D. Lawrence, a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Pastor Lawrence not only served as Chip’s mentor and counselor.  He also taught Chip how to preach.  And helped Chip to see himself as God saw him.

Therefore, Pastor Ingram asks a couple of very important questions about your identity.  He covers the first two questions today.

1.  What is your image of God?  Our perception of God has a very powerful effect on our lives.  Thus, it is essential that we develop a high, holy, clear, and accurate picture of God’s true nature.  Because a distorted image of God takes us pretty far off track in life.

2.  How do you see yourself?  To see God accurately, we need to know something about His perspectives.  And that includes what God thinks about when He looks at us.  Consequently, Chip underscores:

“One of God’s primary desires is for us to know who we really are in His eyes.  We need to learn what the Lord had in mind when He created us, and what He wants and expects from us in our relationship with Him.  God longs for us to see ourselves the way He sees us.”

Today’s question: What most helps you identify the lies you believe?  Please share.

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