Wrestle with insecurity

By Dave Henning / January 6, 2024

“None of us has a perfect self-image or a complete understanding of who we are in Christ.  We all wrestle with insecurity at some level, whether we are aware of it or not.  We all have the experience of trying to be ‘somebody,’ even though God has already made us to be incredibly valuable and loved.”- Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram concludes Chapter 1 of Discover Your True Self with the third important question about your identity.

3.  What does it mean to be in Christ Our relationship with Christ must be based in genuine faith in Him.  Not based on church membership or some standard of moral behavior.

However, Chip counsels, many Christians focus totally on what we are saved from.  Without ever realizing what Jesus saved us for.  Thus, Pastor Ingram explains:

“A real and profound journey begins with salvation, and it involves living as a son or daughter of God who no longer has anything to prove. . . .  Jesus . . . wants us to live out of the love we have been given.  Learning how to do that may be a journey, but becoming who we are is not.  He has already given us a completely new identity: We are sons and daughters of the Creator.  However, getting that reality from our heads to our hearts is no easy task (emphasis author’s).”

Yet, Chip stresses, human nature often draws us to whatever feels normal.  Instead of what is right and good.  In addition, Chip notes, all of us believe lies about ourselves.  Hence, as long as we hold unhealthy views about ourselves, unhealthy motives drive us.

Above all, we fail to experience the fullness of the gospel of grace when we espouse those unhealthy views.  Because we choose to search desperately for something more.  So, the journey of discovering your true self begins with:

  • identifying what you think about yourself.
  • measuring your perception against what God thinks of you.
  • you learning how to narrow the gap between your view and God’s.

Today’s question: What Bible verses, hymn, Christian songs/books help you wrestle with insecurity?  Please share.

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