Perfectly tucked into the right places

By Dave Henning / April 26, 2024

“I don’t anticipate a future for any of us where all our emotions are perfectly tucked into the right spaces in our bodies and minds, perfectly in control, perfectly expressed, and perfectly understood.  I think it’s important to start with some honesty about that. “- Jennifer Allen

In Chapter 7 (“A Vision for Something Better”) of Untangle Your Emotions, Jennifer Allen stresses that no one has a perfect experience on this planet.  Consequently, the author asserts, it’s acceptable to feel mixed-up emotions.  In addition, she states, that’s exactly the way it should be.

Therefore, Jennifer explains and exhorts:

“Why?  Because the more we let ourselves feel all the feelings we’re truly feeling, the more we are freed to love and create with all that energy we tend to burn trying to keep those feelings at bay.  We all make messes — every one of us.  But amid the mess, our emotions can also light the way to undeniable beauty (bolding author’s).

Furthermore, Jennifer underscores, it’s possible to untangle our emotions, thereby charting a path out of our pain.  However, the author counsels, the path out of our pain won’t always be easy.  As a result, times exist where we can’t go over, under, or around our pain.  Instead, we must simply walk through it.

Yet, Jennifer encourages, we find some of the greatest moments of life in the dark night.  The process to untangle our souls, though not easy, helps us to live at ease a little more day by day.

In conclusion, Jennifer advises:

“All of us need that sometimes.  Someone to help regulate us when we can’t regulate ourselves. . . .  I mention this because sometimes the greatest regulation for our emotions is having someone beside us. . . .

Bottom line: What we are about to do together will change you, stretch you, and bring you life, but you need your people. . . .  You need people in the boat with you.”

Today’s question: Do you ever remember a time when you found your emotions perfectly tucked into the right places?  Please share.

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