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By Dave Henning / April 25, 2024

“To live in the way of love requires that I pay attention to the fact that my mind, through the process of emotion, longs to be connected to others.”- Dr. Curt Thompson, Anatomy of the Soul (2010)

“The point of life is connection — with God, with our own hearts, and with the people God puts in our distinctive corner of the world.”- Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen concludes Chapter 6 of Untangle Your Emotions as she notes what we fear when we feel our feelings and work up the courage to say them.  We fear the person or people we trusted our feelings to will quietly back up.  Slip out the door and escape the mess of involvement.

Therefore, like Jennifer, we need someone to sit with us, to listen and stay.  Above all, there’s nothing magical about this.  Because we no longer feel alone.

Consequently, connection provides the greatest gift we have in life.  Connection to our own selves, others, and with God.  As a result, the greatest strategy Satan employs against us involves disconnecting us from those things.  And one way Satan accomplishes his goal is to manipulate, distract, and confuse.

Hence, Jennifer counsels (bolding author’s): We can’t be present with God and others when we’re refusing to be present with ourselves.  We can’t become emotionally healthy if we refuse to be emotionally honest.

In conclusion, the author underscores, we all crave healthy, deep relationships.  Most significantly, vulnerability and safety pave the road to that craving.  Because, Jennifer notes, we emerge from our mother’s womb craving the need to be seen, soothed, and safe.  And unless we share our emotions, those needs can’t flourish.

So, Jennifer exhorts, listen intently and fully.  Only respond with “I feel . . .,” not “I think.”

The best part of life shows up when we stop controlling, coping, and concealing.  When we bravely untangle that rope with our God and with our people.

Today’s question: What Bible verses most help you live in the way of love?  Please share.

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