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The adjacent possible – best unborn tomorrows

By Dave Henning / April 27, 2021

“All that stands between you and your best unborn tomorrows is the adjacent possible. . . .  it’s the elevator between what is and what could be.  It’s the thing that enables us to prayerfully dream bigger dreams — 10-story dreams, 20-story dreams, even 160-story dreams like the Burj Khalifa.”- Mark Batterson As Mark Batterson […]


Imagine unborn tomorrows – cut the rope

By Dave Henning / April 26, 2021

“If you want to imagine unborn tomorrows, you’ve got to cut the rope. . . .  anything less is maintaining the status quo.  You will experience a few falls, a few fails.  But cutting the rope is the way we cut the ribbon on the dreams God has given us.”- Mark Batterson Before moving on […]

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