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God’s ideas – not always obvious

By Dave Henning / July 4, 2019

“God’s ideas are not always obvious, and are always more clever than we can imagine.  Even though the circumstances may be the same as many times before, God may have a different and better idea.  So we are wise to ask for guidance each time.”- Jan Johnson, When the Soul Listens In Chapter 13 (“Don’t […]


Life plan or clear vision – our addiction to clarity

By Dave Henning / June 13, 2019

“Rather than a life plan, a clear vision, or a five-year list of goals, the leper, the paralytic, and Jairus and his wife were given clear instructions about what to do next – and only next.  Perhaps he knew something about our addiction to clarity.  He knew if we could somehow wrangle a five-year plan […]


Receiving clarity – your unique role in God’s story

By Dave Henning / May 5, 2018

“God not only reveals His story in the inner room, He also reveals in the inner room your unique role in that story.  You have a critical role to play in the story of God on earth, and that part become clear to you in the secret place.  In order for you to play your […]


How to pray for guidance

By Dave Henning / May 9, 2016

John Eldredge concludes Chapter 11 of Moving Mountains by describing how to pray for guidance, clarity or revelation.  He provides four steps. 1.  Do whatever you can to reduce the pressure.  John emphasizes that pressure is a killer and almost always gets in the way of hearing from God.  As you seek guidance, lay down […]


The heart of it all

By Dave Henning / May 8, 2016

“Invite Jesus right into the heart of it all, right there, in the moment.”- John Eldredge Before discussing prayer for guidance, understanding, and revelation, John Eldredge has a short chapter (Chapter 10- “Pray Now”) on the need to pray right there in the moment.  Despite our good intentions when we tell someone we will pray […]


Just enough clarity

By Dave Henning / September 25, 2015

“We don’t follow clarity.  We follow God.”- John Ortberg “The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it.  Its gates will never be shut by day- and there will be no night there.”- Revelation 21:24-25 (NRSV) John Ortberg concludes Chapter 10 of All the Places […]

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