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Reasons for success – and failure

By Dave Henning / October 23, 2019

“Just as there are reasons for success, there are reasons for failure. . . .  The problem isn’t out there somewhere; it’s in here.  You’re the common denominator in every scenario.  It’s time to be done with doing the same things and expecting different results.”- Bob Merritt As Bob Merritt concludes Chapter 4 of Done […]


Relational conflicts – the common denominator

By Dave Henning / February 19, 2019

“The fact is, the common denominator in all my relational conflicts is ME.  The common denominator in all your relational conflicts is YOU!”- Andy Stanley “What causes fights and quarrels among you?  Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?   You desire abut do not have . . . You covet but […]


God’s promises – like Rocky Mountains pine trees

By Dave Henning / October 5, 2018

“God’s promises are pine trees in the Rocky Mountains of Scripture:  abundant, unending, and perennial.  Some of the promises are positive, the assurance of blessings.  Some are negative, the guarantee of consequences.  But all are binding, for not only is God a promise maker,God is a promise keeper.”- Max Lucado “Abraham never wavered in believing […]

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