Reasons for success – and failure

By Dave Henning / October 23, 2019

“Just as there are reasons for success, there are reasons for failure. . . .  The problem isn’t out there somewhere; it’s in here.  You’re the common denominator in every scenario.  It’s time to be done with doing the same things and expecting different results.”- Bob Merritt

As Bob Merritt concludes Chapter 4 of Done With That, he talks about the second and third steps toward beginning new life.

 2.  Honesty.  Because of sin, all of us have something in our lives causing us – and others – varying degrees of pain.  But, you need honesty to deal with those sinful habits and patterns.  Hence, Jim Collins made the following observation in his book Good to Great: “You absolutely cannot make a series of good decisions without first confronting the brutal facts.”

In other words, as Henry Cloud noted in his book Integrity, if people make it – get where they’re supposed to – there’s a reason.  And, if they fail, there’s also a reason.  Thus, the hard truth – reality rules.

Furthermore, Pastor Merritt stresses, you must know the truth about what’s causing your pain.  Otherwise, you’ll remain stuck in your old life.  Therefore, honestly and openly reflect about your life.  Also, spend time in silence before God.  Since God wants you to live freely and joyfully, He’ll nudge you about the cause of your pain.

3.  Hard work.  In John Maxwell’s book Intentional Living, he writes that action equals the number one catalyst for change.   As a result, words like desire, wish, fantasy ,and hopefully are passive and defeating.  Instead, us active and winsome words such as action, purpose, and strategy.

In conclusion, Pastor Merritt exhorts:

“Just as there is physical therapy for shoulder pain, there is spiritual therapy to develop our faith: both require a commitment to doing the work. . . . but just desiring and knowing how to get healthy won’t actually make you healthy.  You have to do the work.  You have to follow the plan and do it right.”

Today’s question: What reasons for success or failure do you see in your life?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Your signature sin – what is it?”

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