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Unmade decisions – a burden and a gift

By Dave Henning / June 14, 2019

“Unmade decisions have the power to either close us up in fear or open us up to love.  This is both the burden and the gift of our indecision.  We get to choose which one we carry.”- Emily P. Freeman Emily P. Freeman concludes Chapter 1 of The Next Right Thing as she reminds you […]


Circumstances might not always feel like a gift

By Dave Henning / April 9, 2017

“My circumstances may not always feel like a gift, but His presence is the greatest present in any circumstance.”- Esther Fleece In Chapter 8 (“Don’t Forget Me”) of No More Faking Fine, Esther Fleece asks this question.  Have you ever felt God was withholding something from you?  While you celebrate friends’ milestones and successes, do […]

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