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Afflicted – made more effective

By Dave Henning / March 21, 2019

“And [God] will use that suffering to shape us, mold us, and make us even better prepared for our purpose if we throw off what hinders us, stay free of the entanglements of sin, and persevere by keeping our eyes on Jesus.  When we are afflicted, we are being made more effective.”- Lysa TerKeurst “Because […]


God’s promises – like Rocky Mountains pine trees

By Dave Henning / October 5, 2018

“God’s promises are pine trees in the Rocky Mountains of Scripture:  abundant, unending, and perennial.  Some of the promises are positive, the assurance of blessings.  Some are negative, the guarantee of consequences.  But all are binding, for not only is God a promise maker,God is a promise keeper.”- Max Lucado “Abraham never wavered in believing […]


Defy the gravity of sin and circumstance

By Dave Henning / July 25, 2017

“But as we lay hold of God’s promises and walk in His power, His Spirit in us allows us to defy the gravity of sin and circumstance, and to pray as one who has been and will continue to be redeemed from this life on earth.”- Susie Larson As Susie Larson concludes Chapter 1 of […]


Walking in obedience

By Dave Henning / May 27, 2015

Today Charles Stanley concludes his presentation of seven questions designed to give us the criteria for confidently taking hold of a promise from God. 3.  Does the fulfillment of this promise glorify Him?  God’s fulfilled promises are part of our testimony.  In this way God makes Himself known to those around us.  Our request must […]

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