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To run well and finish strong

By Dave Henning / October 13, 2020

“To run well and finish strong, you must first take an honest assessment of where you are in your connection to God and how you got there, and make a commitment that you are going to accept once and for all that God is worthy of your pursuit.   We can spend a lifetime finding blame […]


Pain – sometimes a gift from God

By Dave Henning / March 6, 2018

“Pain is a result of the curse, and it’s most often a symptom of sin.  But sometimes it’s a gift from God.  It’s the language that can’t be ignored.  You can leave the Bible on your bedside table untouched.  You can ignore desires, dreams, doors, promptings, and people.  But you can’t ignore pain . . […]


Friendship with the King – a foundational step

By Dave Henning / November 5, 2017

“If meeting needs is my primary focus, I’ve missed a foundational step: friendship with the King.  To meet any need, I first have to hear God’s whisper about that need.”- Sara Hagerty “For this fragrant oil might have been sold for much and given to the poor.”- Matthew 26:19 (NKJV) In Chapter 8 (“The Needs […]


Itching to climb out of the hidden place

By Dave Henning / November 4, 2017

“Without a vision of what’s available to us sitting at His feet in the hidden place, we become restless . . . itching to climb out of the hidden place.”- Sara Hagerty As Sara Hagerty concludes Chapter 7 of Unseen, she asserts that we practice and cultivate our craving for God on earth.  Therefore, it’s […]

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