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Get into God’s Word – so His Word gets into you

By Dave Henning / February 10, 2018

“One way or another, get into God’s Word so His Word gets into you.  Then the Holy Spirit can quicken it when and where and how He wants.”- Mark Batterson “My soul cleaveth unto the dust; quicken thou me according to they word.”- Psalm 119:25 (KJV) As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 5 of Whisper, he […]


Quick-twitch reactions

By Dave Henning / June 7, 2016

“Spiritually speaking, it’s our quick-twitch reactions that make or break us at critical moments.””- Mark Batterson As an ex-collegiate and high school basketball player, Mark Batterson knows it’s the quick-twitch muscles that enable you to dunk a basketball.  On a spiritual level, you have quick-twitch reactions the split-second after someone offends you, insults you, or […]

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