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Relational, not transactional – God

By Dave Henning / July 23, 2022

“God isn’t transactional, making deals with us of no pain in exchange for faithful love; God is relational, making the way to be with us through pain because He is faithful Love.  God doesn’t keep us from suffering; He keeps us through it.”- Ann Voskamp (emphasis Ann’s) “Don’t be bullied into silence by the threats […]


Crave connection – we’re relational beings

By Dave Henning / May 24, 2020

“We all crave connection.  It’s not something we can escape in this life because of the way God knit us together in our mother’s womb.  We are relational beings, and God gave us those desires. . . .  Longing to be connected to people . . . can be a God-given dream.  Shaming ourselves for […]

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