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Pragmatic wisdom – love enemies?

By Dave Henning / March 25, 2023

“To love those who do not love you is not offered as a piece of pragmatic wisdom, but as a reflection of the character of God himself (v. 45), who gives a fruitful earth, through rain and sun, to all people regardless of the motives or character.”- R. T. France, The Gospel of Matthew “But […]


An alternate city in every city – Christians

By Dave Henning / February 7, 2022

“Jesus’s [Sermon on the Mount] creates a ‘city on a hill’ — an alternate human society pointing toward the City of God that will fill the earth at the end of time.  Christians are an alternate city in every city.”- Timothy Keller “Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult […]


Extending mercy to the merciless

By Dave Henning / August 14, 2019

“Extending mercy to the merciless may seem nonsensical because it’s self-sacrificial, not self-protective, but that’s precisely what makes it supernatural. . . .  We don’t enter the arena of grace through our own strength, but only by humbling ourselves to the ground.”- Tina Boesch “But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to […]


To lead emotions effectively, take a You-Turn

By Dave Henning / August 21, 2018

“To lead emotions effectively, you can focus on them, befriend them, and invite Jesus to be near — then unburden them and integrate them with the other parts of your soul.  We call this process taking a You-Turn.”- Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller “First, take the plank out of your own eye, and then you […]


A community of Christ-followers

By Dave Henning / October 4, 2017

“When we as a community of Christ-followers demonstrate our life in Christ together through our feeling of Scripture, our prayer, our fasting, our service, and our relational intimacy, we create a compelling announcement of the kingdom’s presence in the world.”- Jared C. Wilson Jared Wilson concludes Chapter 6 of The Imperfect Disciple as he notes […]


The shame of guilty self-awareness

By Dave Henning / September 17, 2017

“Every one of us knows the shame of guilty self-awareness and the fear of exposure.  But we don’t want to life in the isolation of that darkness.  We long for freeing relationships with others, especially God.”- Ray Ortlund “I will save the lame and gather the outcast, and I will change their shame into praise.”- […]


An inside job

By Dave Henning / November 14, 2015

In Chapter 1 of The End of Me, Kyle Idleman initiates his discussion of the Sermon on the Mount.  Pastor Idleman states Jesus begins to introduce us to the great paradox of God’s kingdom: “at the end of me, I find real life in him.” The new kingdom, Kyle adds, has new rules.  Many of […]

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