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Squandered our inheritance

By Dave Henning / December 6, 2023

“To be clear, in the Christian calculus, humanity is treasured, priceless, and destined for glory.  We are created in God’s image.  We are endowed with fellowship and invited into eternal rest.  But we have squandered our inheritance by seeking to be God.  We have pitched our tents in the shadow of Shechem.”- Max Lucado “After […]


Accept your acceptance

By Dave Henning / November 20, 2023

“Neither are you [an exception to acceptance].  So for heaven’s sake, accept your acceptance.”- Max Lucado, God Never Gives Up on You “Now thank we all our God / With hearts and hands and voices, / Who wondrous things has done, / In whom His world rejoices; / Who from our mother’s arms / Has […]


Door #1, #2, or #3

By Dave Henning / February 9, 2023

In Chapter 4 (“Calling All Gods”) of Gods at War, Pastor Kyle Idelman references Joshua’s farewell address to the Israelites at Shechem (Joshua 24).  Following a brief history lesson regarding God’s constant faithfulness to Israel, Joshua throws down the gauntlet.  It’s time for the nation of  Israel to make a choice- to follow the God […]


A mock funeral – maybe it’s time

By Dave Henning / April 13, 2021

“Is there something you need to bury?  Maybe it’s time for a mock funeral. . . .  Before flipping the page on the past, you have to give dead yesterdays a proper burial.”- Mark Batterson “So Jacob said to his household and to all who were with him, ‘Get rid of the foreign gods you […]

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