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A robust theology of sin

By Dave Henning / January 27, 2023

“A robust theology of sin helps us live beyond self-deception.  A limited theology of sin often results in a false sense of spiritual maturity. . . .  It is a small step from a narrow understanding of sin straight into the depths of it. . . .  Sin is not just about ‘not doing that.’  […]


In the moment of offense, we . . .

By Dave Henning / August 20, 2022

“In the moment of offense, it may feel easier to cut ties and leave.  We don’t want to do the hard work of facing one another, working through the difficulty, naming the hardship, confronting the things that have led to the breakdown. . . .  We bolt.  But we never go empty-handed.  We always end […]


Holy people break down – own light fails

By Dave Henning / May 22, 2020

“This is where so many holy people break down . . . .  As soon as they reach the point where they can no longer see the way and guide themselves by their own light, they refuse to go any further. . . .  It is in the darkness that we find true liberty.  It […]


Intentionally look up and look around

By Dave Henning / May 12, 2020

“By choosing to intentionally look for God’s provision in your story, you are also making the choice to ‘look up and look around,’ as my pastor Michael Flake always says.  It would be easy to become a navel gazer, just putting your head down and focusing on your own stuff.  And while there can be […]

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