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By Dave Henning / October 31, 2014

“Sin will always take you farther than you want to go. Sin will always cost you more than you want to pay. Sin will always keep you longer than you want to stay.”- Old saying In Chapter 8 “Minimize- It’s Not That Big of a Deal”) of AHA, Kyle Idleman states that minimization takes denial […]


The pigpen of projection

By Dave Henning / October 30, 2014

Kyle Idleman begins Chapter 7 (“Projection- It’s Not My Fault, So It’s Not My Responsibility”) of AHA with the statement that our society has mastered the art of blaming others for our foolish choices.  Hence these actual product warnings: 1.  “Caution: Coffee May Be Hot” 2.  “Warning: Remove infant before folding stroller for storage.” 3.  Warning on […]



By Dave Henning / October 29, 2014

Today Kyle Idleman concludes Chapter 6 of AHA with the second and third tactics of denial. 2.  Defend.  Pastor Idleman asserts that defensiveness reveals an area of our lives where we are in denial because we don’t want to face the people and places that force us to be brutally honest.   In fact, the author […]


Living in the pigpen

By Dave Henning / October 28, 2014

Kyle Idleman continues his discussion of denial in Chapter 6 of AHA by noting that what keeps a person in the pigpen, ala the Prodigal Son, is denial.  We keep living like everything is going to be okay.  While we may have had an awakening, we don’t have the courage to be brutally honest with […]


Continued denial

By Dave Henning / October 27, 2014

In Chapter 6 (“Denial- If I Ignore It, Maybe It Will Go Away”) of AHA, Kyle Idleman references a recent news magazine show that featured a reporter, black light in hand, walking into hotel rooms to illuminate hidden germs and stains.  When the black light revealed a suspiciously large carpet stain in one such room, […]


Flip the switch

By Dave Henning / October 24, 2014

But his (Naaman’s) servants came near and said to him, “My father, it is a great word the prophet (Elisha) has spoken to you; will you not do it?  Has he actually said to you, ‘Wash and be clean?’ “- 2 Kings 4:23 As Kyle Idleman concludes Chapter 4 of AHA, he tells the story […]


A rude awakening

By Dave Henning / October 19, 2014

In Chapter 3 (“A Desperate Moment”) of AHA, Kyle Idleman discusses the subject of a rude awakening.  He notes that one thing is certain about a rude awakening- it’s highly effective.  You are sound asleep one moment and wide awake the next.  Similarly, Pastor Idleman adds, the challenges and hardships of life also have a […]


Rising up early

By Dave Henning / October 17, 2014

Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry?  Why is your face downcast?  If you do what is right, will you not be accepted?  But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.”- Genesis 4:6-7 Kyle Idleman […]

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