Walking on Water Indicators

By Dave Henning / March 27, 2012

In If You Want to Walk on Water . . . , John Ortberg describes 4 indicators that might signal us that God is calling us out of our spiritual comfort zone:

1.  Fear- God will call us out of the boat at the point of our fears because He wants us to overcome them.

2.  Frustration- we get frustrated by the distance between the brokenness of our sinful world and our sense of God’s desires, calling us to minister to a particular cause.

3.  Compassion- having a heart or strong sense of empathy for a particular issue or group of people.

4.  Prayer- essential to getting out of the boat, since nothing can be accomplished without God’s help.

The author concludes: “Walking on water is not about some great thing you will do.  In fact, by yourself you can do nothing of lasting value.  It is about what God longs to do with you by his power and grace.”

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