Sacred places

By Dave Henning / April 11, 2012

Pastor Bob Merritt comments on the importance of sacred places in his book When Life’s Not Working: “Sacred places are important because they recalibrate the emotional and spiritual gauges in our life.  They reconnect us with thoughts and feelings that get suppressed by emails and traffic.  Sacred places awaken our soul.”

Two sacred places come to my mind.  On the surface, the first doesn’t seem very sacred- my local Panera Bread.  While it is certainly not quiet, peaceful, and contemplative, I sit with a regular morning group I’ve fondly nicknamed my “support group”.  They have sustained my throughout the period following my downsizing.  Think of this as “Cheers” on caffeine!

My second sacred place is more traditional- the Wehr Nature Center.  Even though it is located in an urban area, when I get into the forest as I walk the 2 miles around the lake, peace and calm fill me.  Especially in spring, the migrating birds fill the woods with sound and life.

What sacred place do you have where you restore your mind and spirit?  I invite you to respond and share.

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    Dave Henning

  • Avatar Brian Warnecke says:

    For me, it’s not so much a place as a position. Let me explain. The best time of any day is when I can sit looking out the window with Alyx on my lap. She pays attention to everything happening out there like only a Manchester Terrier can and when she sees a squirrel, oh boy, total excitement! In the quiet moments with her sitting there, I can feel her heartbeat against my leg and I’m reminded that here is a life form, totally unassuming, absolutely devoted, and completely linked to me. Talk about being reminded of what in life is important! Life itself, in all its wonderful manifestations, is the only thing that counts. All the rest is just decoration, pretty, but only decoration. And none of it lasts. Life, though, is forever.

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