By Dave Henning / December 19, 2012

In Chapter 5 (“God’s Written Whispers”) of The Power of a Whisper, author and pastor Bill Hybels discusses Romans 8:28 in a section entitled “The Truth about Trials”.  He begins by describing a trial he went through several years ago.

While in Asia, Pastor Hybels picked up a virus.  After wrestling with that virus for more than 9 months, he went to the Mayo Clinic in search of answers.  Two days before Christmas, he found himself in a waiting room festively decorated for Christmas- certainly not befitting the collective discouraged mood of Bill or his fellow patients.  Amidst all this depression, God whispered to Bill the words of Romans 8:28.  He wasn’t sure what the promised “good” might entail, but he was confident it would show up someday.

That “good” came in ways Pastor Hybels never would have anticipated.  While his health eventually was restored, even more significant changes took place.  Although Bill always had prayed for his family, now his wife and children interceded for him, drawing the family even closer and steadying him.  Second, Bill grew in compassion- not exactly his strong suit up to that point.

The author concludes by stating that there are 3 categories of people in the world: Before Pain, In Pain, and After Pain.  Obviously, those of us who have experienced a ministry downsizing or position loss are In Pain.  For us, Pastor Hybels states the truth of Romans 8:28- “our God can redeem even the darkest of days for his purposes”.  With that truth in mind, we undertake our journey toward healing and ministry restoration.


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