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By Dave Henning / August 24, 2013

Pastor John Ortberg begins Chapter 5 (“An Undistinguished Visiting Scholar”) of Who is This Man? by discussing Luke’s account of “Jesus Rejected at Nazareth” (Luke 4: 14-30).  The author points out that this is when Jesus signaled his career change from carpenter to rabbi.  After Jesus entered the synagogue, he stood up to read a passage from Isaiah.  Then he sat down, taking the traditional posture of a rabbi.

Jesus was a master teacher, able to help the simplest person while still challenging the smartest.  Pastor Ortberg states that the early church fathers had a favorite saying- that the Gospels are a river in which a gnat can swim and an elephant can drown.  Yet Jesus’ method of teaching often is missed, since we tend to view teaching as the transfer of information.  Jesus taught to change lives.  The author points out that no one took notes on what Jesus taught “because it is natural to remember what changes our lives.”

In our former ministry position or vocation, we were privileged to bear witness to Jesus’ power to change lives.  Despite our unwelcome or unexpected loss, that power to change lives remains our foundation as we steadfastly seek revitalization and revisioning of our calling, once again witnessing God’s grace, love, and compassion in our lives as we are a blessing to others.

Today’s question: What is an example of a life that was changed via your former calling?  Have any lives changed as a result of your witness during your transition time?  Please share.

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