Our faith glasses

By Dave Henning / September 9, 2014

In Chapter 11 (“Grab Your Oxgoad”) of All In, author Mark Batterson discusses Shamgar (Judges 3:31), who killed six hundred Philistines armed only with one farm implement- an oxgoad.  Even though Shamgar only had a long stick used by a farmer to prod his animals, that didn’t stop him from doing what he could.  Pastor Batterson states: “God plus one is a majority.”

Shamgar didn’t wait for the situation to turn in his favor or until he had the perfect plan.  He waited for the green light from God.  As Mark notes, doubts and dreams must be seen through the eyes of faith.  Cori Wittman, a member of National Community Church, grew up on a farm.  Today she works in Thailand to free women from the sex trade.  She discusses how to handle opportunities that come disguised as impossible problems:

“I’m beginning to realize a little crazy goes a long way when you’re talking kingdom crazy. . . . I am standing on God’s promise that He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.  Sometimes my faith falters, and feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, and smallness cloud my vision.  And I get overwhelmed by the task at hand.  But when I put my faith glasses on, all things are possible.”

Pastor Batterson concludes that we must have more than a heart for Christ.  We are his hands and feet.

Today’s question: What has overwhelmed you and clouded your vision following your vocation loss?  What functions as your faith glasses?  Please share.

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