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By Dave Henning / July 31, 2015

“The truth about being ready is you’ll never be ready.”- John Ortberg

As John Ortberg continues Chapter 2 of All the Places to Go, he notes that there’s a whole syndrome around the fear of not being ready for life, opportunities, or challenges.  It’s called “failure to launch.”  The problem is that life, opportunities, and challenges all have a way of saying, “Ready or not, here I come.”

Pastor Ortberg states that “feeling ready” is not the ultimate criterion determining our readiness for God’s open doors.  We place too  much stock in “feeling ready.”  If we are to enter an open door, it has to be by faith.  Our faith grows when God tells us to “Go” and we say yes.

John adds that no one in the Bible responded “I’m ready” when God called them to do something.  Take Moses when God called him to speak to Pharaoh: “I have never been eloquent. . . . I am slow of speech and tongue (Exodus 4:10).”

Until we actually do something, we truly do not know what we can do.  And if we’re already moving, “ready” comes much faster.  What matters is not whether we’re ready.  What matters is that Jesus is ready.  John concludes:

“And you and I never know when he’s ready.  He’s in charge of that.”

Today’s question: What Bible verses have strengthened your faith and obedience to follow Jesus’ leading?  Please share.

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