Customizing a replenishment plan

By Dave Henning / October 3, 2015

Bill Hybels concludes Chapter 1 of Simplify with a caution- when we’re at the bottom of our fullness bucket, we’re dangerous.  Living in a depleted state has serious consequences for every area of life.  We aren’t living the way God designed us to live.  Pastor Hybels provides two action steps to help us assess our movement from exhausted to energized.

1.  Take an honest assessment.  We need to take a sober assessment marking our current energy level, asking God what underlies our natural inclination for running on empty.

2.  Craft a custom replenishment plan.  The second action step involves customizing a replenishment plan unique to the way God created each of us.  For example, what people and activities replenish us when we’ve gotten a bit low in the tank?  Rather than worry about how well we fit replenishment into our overcrowded schedule, for now we need to envision a perfect day when all we do is what suits us.

Pastor Hybels describes our initial goal:

“The point isn’t to fill yourself up quickly, but rather, to train yourself to begin the habit of prioritizing the replenishing streams that breathe life into your soul and leave your bucket filled.  There are no shortcuts .  Change begins with small, daily steps.  Start now.”

Today’s question: What small, daily steps can you take to being customizing a replenishment plan? Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Outward activities and inner priorities”

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